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the purity in the mud
the beautiful grace
the Lord brought me my wife covered in sin
and i was quick to reject her
He looked at me and asked don't you see it i asked see what? He said the beauty in this woman who i called you to love. i said God no disrespect but i have been washed made clean by your hand the very hand that crafted my skin as the garment that should cover my wife so no offense when i take offense that you would want me to wrap the pure garment that you made around a pillar of filth who wouldn't do anything for me except give stain to the very garment that you yourself have made clean. and in the distance i seen a vision of a beautiful woman whose intelligence radiated from the brilliance of her design her heart poured out love that echoed through my bones and gave me chills that spoke and told me God has made a song and gave it flesh and bone and crafted it in a woman whose presence would give melody to my heartbeat and the lyrics would be grafted from God's word and i could only imagine what life would be like if God created this woman for me and not the one drenched in blood that screams death in my sight and i only wish that i could hide my eyes from her. but then God spoke and told me this woman i desire and this woman i see are one and the same. see these scars and these bruises that she's covered in have been left by other men. men who never knew of my existence and i thought that one of my own. one who i have made my own and pulled from the very mud this woman is covered in would know how to love her correctly because he learned from me but i see you have not learned nothing at all you still stumble in the dark believing you have sight until someone makes it known to you that you're blind. has love not reached you to the point that you don't know how to show it
Compassion still isn't on your lips
And i see the depths of my grace is still unknown to you and you are not yet ready to have this woman
and as God began to take her away the woman spoke and said wait. God could you please remove the mud from my eyes so i could at least set sight of the man you would have me marry. and he graciously accepted her request. and as she began to see the man more clearly she spoke and asked God. God if i began to trust this man with my heart could i trust you in leading this man to be great and follow his Father's example
And God said with time my love for this man will make himself known to love like my Son. and the woman asked the man. Man do you have the faith to trust God and see me as the woman he would have me become. and the man said i shall trust God and know that the love he has given me is true and made known only when i give myself up for you that you may be sanctified in his love
And He made them complete in His name

Philadelphia, 2018

Dontae Benn is an artist, poet, rapper, and graphic designer from Philadelphia, PA. He is the owner and director of NewHeights Studio. He lives and works in Philadelphia.

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