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I met a boy 

whose smile permeated 

through the sky like the sun,

I danced to the melody 

of his words — lies 


Come morning

I woke up to breakfast in bed 

he waited on my beck and call

Like a butler, the perfect gentleman

I smiled the whole day


We held hands 

as we strode through a garden 

of daisies and he said “thy beauty 

belongs in heaven” I melted like 

an ice cream in summer 


When midnight came

the clock chimed and I shed 

the layers of hope that surged

into my heart to keep me full as

reality held open its arms


I fell into a labyrinth 

of hope that tugs the strings 

that bind the doors of my heart 

as tears blur my Picasso who 

painted my smile on a rainbow.

Kano, 2020


My doom is the orange hue 

that kisses the bed of night 

as dawn is set to unveil

I lay askew in a bed of hope 

but reality forced me to pick 

my broken shards and slice open 

my wrists as I stare at the stranger 

in the mirror with a whose eyes depict

rage and misery 


I stood straight smiling through 

blurred vision as a river of crimson 

flows freely from this pain 

Life tugs at the twine that holds the 

stitches that mar my heart’s walls 

until a mirage of hope blooms like 

a garden of orchards merely to be 

plucked at like weeds 


Now I’m left in solitude, 

afraid to shed the layers that cover 

my skin; this rough bark that bears 

the seal of a shield which cowers 

behind life’s cruel lessons 

but when twilight clocks I could only 

bask in its beauty as I watch the veil

of darkness descend onto my being.

Kano, 2020

Nadia is a graduate of Political Science and International Relations where she obtained her degree from International University of Africa, Sudan and a Masters degree from Cyprus International University. She dabbles in poetry ranging from pain loss and love. She enjoys a writing challenge and hopes to contribute a great deal to poetry communities. 

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