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I break my fast with pen,

I take my food from the pen,

I brief the world with pen,

I make choices with pen,

And convince the closest with pen,

For making decisions with the pen.


The rich in me is the pen,

I pour the words like paint, 

On a plane, in purple and pink,

To dye the words emblazoned,

With words of fact in pen,

To exalt the phrases in pen,

Without the pain in pen.


I made pens for hens,

For the hen to lay its eggs,

To pick more eggs in the pen.

In reaping the stocks from eggs,

For eggs to make more of hen,

To end its life in the bowl.


I bow to pick the flesh,

The flesh texture is like flab,

Because it's full of fat.

It Flashes the flavor in me,

For me to test the flab,

It flows in Trachea for free,

Without any force for it.


I rule the world by pen,

Because of the power of my pen,

My words become preeminent with pen,

The ink of the pen made me the King of the pen.


Gombe State, 2022

Abdulazeez Taufeeq is a freelance writer and aspiring poet. He has several publications in professional journals in the area of nutrition sciences. He is a member of the National Society of Animal Production and has completed courses with the Nigerian Institute of Management.


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