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Then, their retinas, blinded by
bigotry towards folks who could
herald better tomorrows, only took
a picture of hate;

they preached with dexterity several
dogmas, propounded philosophies
which flew on phony wings to & fro
streets of the media

Later, their lungs fuming fresh
breathes of hope for 'better years
to come' got choked by horrific
scents oozing from anuses of lewd
men who only herald plagues on cities

Hunger, the artiste who blows bugle
before dusk in bellies of juveniles and
adults, inscribed myriads of epitaphs,
shady lines of anguish on the
protuberance of their ribs

Soon they became a synonym to the
word found on lips of Zimbabwean
children fighting for crumbs of bread
and crying "indlala, indlala"

Lagos, 2021


Then, Men Witnessed How
Sweet Love Fragrances
Diffusing Through Jars Of

hope Got Polluted By
Stench Odours Of Hate Oozing
From Armpits Of Politicians;

        "Gourmands Feasting
On The Breasts Of the

They Heard How Loud Notes
Made By Missiles, C & D Majors,
Formed In Torn Hearts Of
Next- Tomorrows, Metamorphosed
On The Lips Of Juveniles As Rhythm
Of Blues

how the Warmth Of Arid
Breeze Oozing From The Ruins
Of The Sahara, cuddled with fear
On The Nudity Of Their Skins

Lo! They Came Across A Bevy Of

Men Dressed In Dusty Regalia,
Defecating Rockets On Civilizations.

Lagos, 2021

Daniel Ezeokeke Is a writer whose works have appeared in several literary magazines such as U-rights mag, the Kalahari Review, Grand Little things, Eboquills to mention a few. He is currently a graduate from a Nigerian university. Apart from poetry, he loves history, creative arts and Jewish writings.

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