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are what i'm doing

everyone sings
the same two or three notes
for life ,any change
stark and reaktionary


is the handful enough??

enough for heart song
plucked away one note
several loops at a time??


enough for foundational
process of mind?? i dont
mine so deep as


whatever youre doing
you seem worn out, reactionary
and if that works it works (it doesnt)


but two or three notes can
multiply to many meaninged dozens.
even divergent ears will know


what i'm doing. heart songs
special and beyond
explained machinations


of yur change.


Philadelphia, 2021



Soft monotony for sleep
special in ways others
don't easily take to...


Is boring a texture
or do you need a full
script to go off of??


I want to swim and smile
through what others don't
ease themselves into.


I don't want to shiver
but'll bear it for weightless places
these soundscapes're in search of


for me and any caught
in clouds that feel changeling
but have definite shape to




Philadelphia, 2022

Corey Qureshi is a writer, musician, and parent based in Philadelphia. Their journalism, poetry, and fiction has appeared in several publications and self-made zines.

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